Rohan Kapoor

Rohan Kapoor

Senior Platform Partnerships Manager


Rohan Kapoor

Rohan manages strategic partnerships for Platforms and Tech Partners at Gorgias. Prior to joining Gorgias, he initiated the investor partnership program at Clearco, a revenue-based source of financing for D2C eCommerce brands. He also spent just over 3 years at the Toronto Stock Exchange, working closely with companies in the junior marketplace (TSXV) to help them better connect to more qualified and meaningful pools of capital. He is passionate about helping companies scale through various means, to ultimately help them reach success.

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Customer Service

9:10 am


9:50 am


Customer Support Only Boosting Retention is So Last Year

Customer support & great customer care are obviously critical for CSAT, LTV, and overall retention. Accordingly, the #1 goal for eCommerce brands has been to evolve their customer experience program. However, "just delivering" great care through your CX program is no longer enough. This session with Rohan Kapoor will teach you tactics to start monetizing support initiated interactions to survive in the current landscape and tips to build a CX program that delivers consistently exception CX to your customers.

Rohan Kapoor

Rohan Kapoor