Jane Serra

Jane Serra

VP of Marketing, Justuno


Jane Serra

Jane Serra, Justuno's VP of Marketing, is a digital agency and marketing veteran with over 12 years of B2B experience. She brings a wealth of digital marketing knowledge and a growth mindset to the team. Overseeing Justuno's brand marketing, Jane blends data and creativity for the ultimate Justuno experience across every channel. She’s an avid traveler, a passionate supporter of the Oxford comma, and has a healthy addiction to hot sauce.

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On Site Personalization

10:45 am


11:25 am


Beyond Pop-Ups: Applying A Conversion Journey Mindset for Long-Term Success

Create connected customer experiences with on-site messaging that goes beyond traditional popups. Join Jane as she discusses why brands need to differentiate themselves by creating strong emotional ties with customers. In this session, learn how to: Create customer-first messaging Create personalized touchpoints with every visit Use pop-ups responsibly with a modern approach to the conversion journey

Jane Serra

Jane Serra