Growth Hacks to Increase Subscription Revenue

26 January
9:10 AM
9:40 AM PST

About the Session

Who should attend:

Merchants selling direct-to-consumer who are just getting started or ready to scale their subscription business. 

What you will learn: 

Subscription Growth Secrets! More predictable revenue equals more resources to pour back into your business or repay CAC, and more opportunity for profit. In this session,'s VP of Marketing Thomas Marks will share growth techniques focused on retention and monetization to ensure subscriber satisfaction and increase customer lifetime value, so brands can grow faster and more efficiently.

  • Build your eCommerce funnel to maximize revenue
  • Optimize every customer touchpoint for conversion
  • Tips and strategies to strengthen customer relationships is a fully integrated subscription management and recurring billing platform that plugs seamlessly into any front-end experience. Providing deep insights across the customer lifecycle without custom engineering or added plugins, was designed with best-in-class tooling built in. Brands using have a holistic view of customers, allowing for more personalization and easy optimization, operational efficiency and the ability to accelerate their speed to market.

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