Your 2020 Guide to eCommerce Holiday Marketing (Pandemic Edition)

8 high-level email marketing strategies to help you maximize your sales this holiday season.

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Your 2020 Guide to eCommerce Holiday Marketing (Pandemic Edition)

What you’ll get in this eBook?

  • Email should generate 30-40% of your revenue. Learn how to optimize your email marketing efforts for a one-of-a-kind holiday season.

  • The 5 proven automations your store needs to increase revenue and stay ahead of the holiday rush.

  • Find out how to increase customer LTV and keep your shoppers coming back for more post-holidays.

  • Tips for tapping into potential revenue and how to ensure your store's ready for a surplus of online holiday shoppers.

  • With so many retail stores closing for Black Friday, it's your time to shine! Learn how to leverage this eCommerce opportunity.

  • Get easy step-by-step tips to start building out your strategy for the upcoming shopping season and boost ROI on autopilot!

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