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Do your emails consistently match your brand?

If not, you might risk damaging your engagement rates!

The look and feel of your emails play a huge role in how your subscribers perceive your brand and interact with it.

In this article, we’ll show how to use Sendlane’s Email Builder to design consistent emails every single time, and boost your engagement rates!

Let’s get started!

Features of the Sendlane Email Builder

Sendlane’s Email Builder is a visual editor that lets anyone design stunning emails, even non-designers and people who don’t know how to code!

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on hiring someone to create emails that look good and perform well—the Email Builder is that easy to use!

Here are three key features of Sendlane’s Email Builder that make it stand out.

Drag-And-Drop Functionality

In the Email Builder, simply drag and drop content blocks onto your canvas, including images, text, title, buttons, dividers, and more to create your perfect email. You can also change colors, fonts and more in a few clicks. If you want to do extensive customization, there’s even an option to add in HTML code!

Retargeting Shopify Customers

Sendlane’s deep-data integration with Shopify enables you to send highly personalized emails to your customers. With this integration, you can easily create product recommendation and abandoned cart automations to retarget your potential customers.

This allows you to drag and drop the product(s) your customer is interested in right into your email, encouraging them to click through and complete their purchase.

Custom Email Templates

Our favorite feature of the Sendlane Email Builder is that it lets you create your own template and save it for later use.

This means you get to create your own branded templates and have any member on your team design and send emails that are consistent!

This takes us to the next point…

Benefits Of Creating Custom Email Templates

Creating a branded, custom template for your business can be a game-changer for your marketing campaigns.

Not only can it help boost brand recognition, but it can also drive your engagement rates through the roof!

Here are some of the major benefits of using custom email templates.

1. Craft a unique identity

Creating your own email template helps you create a beautiful, branded design that’s unique to your business.

This helps you create and maintain strong brand identity in front of your audience!

They’ll be able to recognize you with the colors you use, the fonts in your emails, and even the type of images you include.

All of this will help your customers differentiate you from your competitors and stay loyal to your brand!

2. Maintain brand consistency

Using a custom template lets you send emails that are consistent with your brand every single time. Say goodbye to bad design, clashing colors, or irrelevant imagery!

This helps strengthen your brand image and recall, which means your audience will be able to recognize and remember you faster.

Maintaining brand consistency also helps subscribers perceive your brand as professional, reliable, and high-quality.

Plus, they’ll receive exactly what they expected when they signed up for your newsletter!

3. Improve email engagement

When you test out different email designs, you’ll notice that some variations are performing better than others.

For example, you may find that using bold colors in your email leads to higher engagement, or that placing a CTA button in the middle of your email gets more clicks.

Whatever it is, you’d want to keep using the most successful email designs, as they’ll be more likely to bring you better results and engagement!

With custom email templates, you can do exactly that. You can identify the best-performing email designs and save them as templates to reuse in the future.

"We just opened up a new e-commerce site and were in dire need of sophisticated, be­havioral-based email automation. We had been kicked off a few platforms and needed to send powerful emails."

Keep Your Emails On-Brand And Consistent With Custom Templates

Designing custom emails that match your brand is a breeze in Sendlane.

You don’t need to know code and you don’t have to be a designer. All you need to do is customize a template to fit your brand using Sendlane’s Email Builder, and save it as your own custom template to use later on!

This helps you maintain brand consistency, boost clickthrough rates, and enable every single member on your team to design and send on-brand emails!

Ready to create your own email? Sign up for a 14-day free trial of Sendlane and take it for a test drive!

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Written by

Caitlin Hutchinson

Caitlin Hutchinson

Director of Marketing at Sendlane

A native of San Diego, California, Caitlin has a passion for developing creative and engaging marketing content. Primarily responsible for overseeing the development, execution and delivery of digital content across all of Sendlane’s channels while maintaining an online presence of Sendlane's team culture.