Commerce Roundtable

Commerce Roundtable aims to bring together industry leaders in technology and services to clearly define best practices that are actionable for digital merchants.

Our Mission

Our mission for this series is to help merchants dig into the deeper strategies that drive business. Every talk is curated to deliver the best practices of today.

Meet the Commerce Roundtable Family

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Jimmy Kim

CEO and Co-Founder

Andrew Christison

VP, Strategic Partnerships

Caitlin Hutchinson

Director of Brand & Content Strategy

Madison Marsh

Digital Events Specialist

Cherie Ueno

Content Marketing Specialist

Jenna Ochoa

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Technology

Dilyar Askar

Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Amir Torabi

Sr. Director of Business Development

Kevin Abblitt

Account Executive

David Dember

Sr. Business Development Manager

Nathan Guillen

Sr. Business Development Manager

About Sendlane

There were three of us who founded the company. We were digital marketers, agency owners, and eCommerce entrepreneurs who primarily relied on email marketing for most of our revenue. As email marketers, we found it challenging to work with the tools that we could afford as a small business. And when we did find the right tools, they came with a hefty price tag and long term commitments, which was out of our grasp. (not to mention the need for lots of technical people to “hook it up.”)

That’s when we decided to create a solution for our problems.
In the beginning, it was an internal tool we used to generate revenue for our businesses. Soon, our friends and associates began to inquire about the platform. That’s when we decided to open Sendlanes doors publicly in 2015.

A couple of years later, Sendlane had evolved into a side project, with a small team behind the scenes. It wasn’t until late 2017 that I realized the need for our solution in the marketplace and decided to fully dedicate myself to the company and jump in with both feet.

Initially, Sendlane provided a solution for email marketers looking to go beyond newsletters and drip campaigns.

Since then, we’ve grown from a small group of 5 people to a team of 40+, sending over 40 million emails per day on behalf of our clients. We even raised our first venture investment from Zing Capital in 2018.

Our vision is simple.

We want to empower digital retailers to automate and personalize their customer communications by leveraging deep-data and behavioral-based marketing automation.

It’s been a fun journey, one that continues to grow with a bright future ahead.

Jimmy Kim
CEO & Co-Founder, Sendlane

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