The Commerce Roundtable Season 2: Maximizing Your CLTV In 2021

For eCommerce Merchants looking to optimize customer lifetime value (CLTV) drive repeat purchases & maximize revenue

Customer lifetime value is a great measure of your ability to establish yourself as a brand instead of a commodity. Are your customers brand champions? Do they come back and buy from you over and over again? Do they tell their friends about their experience with you as well as the product they bought?

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7:30 AM  PST
- 1:00 PM PST
10 CLTV Experts

The CLTV Flywheel

Discover proven tactics to increase your CLTV

Customer retention strategies to drive repeat buyers

Customer acquisition is difficult and expensive. Learn true and tested strategies to get your users buying regularly.

Build a seamless customer journey & experience

Doing one thing well isn’t enough in today’s insanely competitive eCommerce environment. Ensure you have a cohesive strategy around technology and process as it directly impacts sales velocity.

Leverage customer loyalty to drive revenue

Brands are built on the foundation of a loyal, active, and engaged customer base. Discover strategies that build your brand and drive sales.

Our Partners

Customer lifetime value has become a critical metric for brands in 2021. Meet our digital commerce experts who will provide a holistic view of customer lifetime value, and strategies to create unprecedented growth and revenue. 

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Meet your CLTV experts & speakers

Here's what's included with Commerce Roundtable

Invite Only Live Training

Join our 7 highly curated sessions focused purely on CLTV in 2021.

1-on-1 Breakout Sessions

Directly connect with our experts via personal break out sessions.

10 CLTV Expert Speakers

Learn from tech and eCommerce experts with 40+ years combined experience.

Live Door Prizes

From Oculus to Apple Watch, we’ll be giving away exciting prizes for your attendance!

Networking & Community

Connect with peers, share experiences, and find actionable insights.

Live Q&A

Offering live Q&A sessions throughout the entire Commerce Roundtable event.

Commerce Roundtable
season 2 agenda

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