February 8, 2022
12:30 pm
8:00 am

Season 7: Building a Lasting eCommerce S̶t̶o̶r̶e̶ Brand

Educational Sessions
eCommmerce Experts

Commerce Roundtable aims to bring together industry leaders in technology and services to clearly define best practices that are actionable for digital merchants.

So what exactly is Commerce Roundtable anyways?

Sponsored by Sendlane, Commerce Roundtable is a virtual event dedicated to educating and empowering digital merchants to dig into the deeper strategies that drive successful business.

Every event and talk is curated to deliver the best practices of today and equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to rock that thing you do — your online business!

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Our Mission

Our mission for this series is to help merchants dig into the deeper strategies that drive business. Every talk is curated to deliver the best practices of today.

“A fabulous wealth of knowledge and experience that I can take away and apply to my own eCommerce business wrapped up in a slick, well-managed event. 10/10 would recommend!”
Tori J
Business Owner
“A+ content. I walk away from every Sendlane event feeling like I just paid a lot of money to receive this knowledge. A class example of an industry thought leader.”
Blake I
Growth Marketing Lead
“The Commerce Roundtable provided information that you can't just find online with a quick search. Insights that are learned over time through experts themselves.”
Kiara B
Marketing Expert

All Commerce Roundtable events include:

High Value Learning

6+ hours of curated educational sessions on eCom growth tactics for 2021.

1-on-1 Sessions

Directly connect with our experts via personal breakout sessions.

Ecom Expert Speakers

Learn from experts with 100+ years combined experience.

$5,000+ Worth of Giveaways

Apple Watch, Theragun, Drinkworks Home Bar, Oculus Quest, Nintendo Switch, and more!


Connect with and learn from peers and eCom marketers across the globe.

Live Q&A

Every session includes an opportunity for live Q&A with our expert speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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