March 30th 2021

The Commerce Roundtable Season 3: Reducing Customer Acquisition Cost in 2021

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For eCommerce Merchants looking to implement successful strategies to drive customer acquisition cost down in 2021

Acquiring new customers requires a certain level of investment — resources, time, and of course cash. Because after all, leads don’t always come in on their own. Join us March 30th and discover how to use data to target the right leads, boost your conversion rate, leverage existing customers, and automate your efforts, all to lower your CAC and increase your profit margins in 2021!

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7:30 AM  PST
- 1:00 PM PST
6 eCom/Tech Experts

Discover proven tactics to reduce your CAC

How to acquire the right kind of customer

A solid marketing strategy starts with really understanding your target audience, knowing what your customers want and then determining the best channels to deliver on. Learn how to keep costs low by targeting the right leads.

Tactics to drive growth through automation

Digital merchants that implement automation see an increase in revenue within 6 months. Learn how to leverage marketing automation to reduce CAC and drive your stores growth on autopilot.

Insights to data-driven decision making

Forget decisions based on gut feeling, data is a marketers best friend. Learn how to leverage your store data to make strategic decisions that drive your CAC down and your revenue up.

Our Experts

Customer Acquisition Cost has become a critical metric for brands in 2021. Meet our digital commerce experts who will provide a holistic view of CAC, strategies to drive that metric down and create unprecedented growth and revenue. 

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8 Luxury Tech Giveaways

Here's what's included with Commerce Roundtable

Invite Only Live Training

Join our 6 highly curated sessions focused on reducing CAC in 2021.

1-on-1 Breakout Sessions

Directly connect with our experts via personal break out sessions.

6 CAC Expert Speakers

Learn from tech and eCommerce experts with 40+ years combined experience.

8 Tech Giveaways

From Drones, to Oculus and Apple Watch, we’ll be giving away exciting prizes for your attendance!

Networking & Community

Connect with peers, share experiences, and find actionable insights.

Live Q&A

Offering live Q&A sessions throughout the entire Commerce Roundtable event.

Commerce Roundtable Season 3 agenda



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